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                                                          AUGUSTA SCHOOL DEPARTMENT

Meeting Agenda

Monday, March 2, 2015

6:30 p.m.


Type of Meeting:        Policy Committee Meeting


Meeting Location:       Superintendent’s Conference Room


Members:                    Amanda Bartlett Chair; Members Nicole Desjardins,

                                    Laura Hamilton



            1.  Delete existing Policies JECA:  Admission of Resident Students and JECA-P:  Certification

                 of Immunization – Pre-School.  They were replaced with newly adopted Policy

                 JLCB:  Immunization of Students.

                  Existing Policy JECA

                      Attachment 1

                  Existing Policy JECA-P

                      Attachment 2


            2.  Delete existing Policies JO:  Student Education Records and JOA:  Student Records – 

                 Special Education. They were replaced with newly adopted Policies JRA, JRA-E and JRA-R.

                  Existing Policy JO     

                     Attachment 3

                   Existing Policy JOA

                      Attachment 4


             3.  Delete existing Policies IGBJ:  Compensatory Education Parent Involvement and IHBD:

                  Title I Services.  They were replaced with newly adopted Policy KBF:  Parent Involvement in

                  Title I.

                   Existing Policy IGBJ

                      Attachment 5

                   Existing Policy IHBD

                      Attachment 6


          4.  Delete Existing Policy JHCD:  Augusta School Department Medication Policy.  Replaced

               with newly adopted Policy JLCD:  Administration of Medication to Students and New Policy

               JLCD-E: Medication Administration on School Field Trips.

                   Existing Policy JHCD

                      Attachment 7


          5.  Delete Existing Policy JHCE:  Teaching About Controversial Issues.  It was replaced with

               newly adopted Policy IMB:  Teaching about Controversial/Sensitive Issues and IMB-R:

               Teaching about Controversial Issues – Guidelines.

                   Existing Policy JHCE

                      Attachment 8


          6.  Delete existing Policy JED:  Unexcused or Excused Absences of Students.  It was replaced

               with newly adopted Policy JEA:  Compulsory Attendance.

                  Existing Policy JED

                         Attachment 9


          7.  Delete existing Policy JFCI:  Student and Staff Alcohol & Chemical Abuse

                  Existing Policy JFCI

                         Attachment 10


          8.  New Policy JL:  Student Wellness

                  New Policy JL Rationale

                        Attachment 11

                  New Policy JL:  Student Wellness

                        Attachment 12

                  Existing Policy JL:  School Wellness

                        Attachment 13


            9. Delete existing Policy GBE:  Hazard Communication Program.  It is covered by Policy

                EBAA:  Chemical Hazards

                    Existing Policy GBE

                        Attachment 14


            10. Review Existing Policy EBAA:  Chemical Hazards.  It was revised by MSMA in 2014.

                    Existing Policy EBAA

                        Attachment 15

                    Revised MSMA Policy EBAA

                        Attachment 16


            11. Review Existing Policy ECB:  Pest Management in School Facilities and on School

                   Grounds.  It was revised by MSMA in 2014.

                    Existing Policy ECB

                        Attachment 17

                    Revised MSMA Policy ECB

                        Attachment 18


            12. New Policy IK:  Student Achievement Evaluation of Student Achievement/Proficiency

                      Attachment 19


            13. Review Existing Policy IKF:  Graduation Requirements.  It was revised by MSMA in 2014.

                    Existing Policy IKF

                      Attachment 20

                    New MSMA Policy IKF

                       Attachment 21


            14. Review Existing Policy CM:  School District Annual Report.

                    Existing Policy CM

                        Attachment 22

                    New Policy CM

                        Attachment 23


            15. Review Existing Policy ID:  School Day


                        Attachment 24

                     Existing Policy ID

                        Attachment 25

                    New Policy ID

                        Attachment 26


            16. New Policy IHD:  Adult Community Education


                        Attachment 27

                    New Policy IHD:  Adult Community Education          

                       Attachment 28

                    Existing Policy IGE:  Adult & Community Education Program

                        Attachment 29

                    Existing Policy IGEA:  Adult Education for High School Dropouts

                        Attachment 30

                    Existing Policy IGEB:  Adult High School Programs

                        Attachment 31