Policy Surveys

The following links will take you to surveys which you may fill out regarding our pending policies.  To view these policies you may click on the attachment.  After you read the policy, we invite you to participate in the survey.
GBGAA-R:  Bloodbourne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan     Survey 

EBAA-E:  Written Program for Hazard Communication OSHA Reference 1910.1200     Survey 

GDBB:  Non-Represented Support Staff Supplementary Plans     Survey

ACAD:  Hazing     Survey

KHD: Broadcast Policy   Survey
KHD-E: Media Rights Application and Agreement  Survey

KHD-R: Broadcast Policy – Administrative Procedures   Survey

GDB: Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans     Survey

BDE-R: Standing Committee Operating Procedures     Survey  

IHD:  Adult/Community Education     Survey