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                                                          AUGUSTA SCHOOL DEPARTMENT


Monday, January 9, 2017

5:30 p.m. 


Type of Meeting:    Policy Committee Meeting 

Meeting Location:  Superintendent’s Conference Room 

Members:                Tom Connors, Jennifer Neumeyer           


1. Review current policy IJNDC:  School Web Site Policy and new policy IJNDC:  Augusta

    School Department Website/Web Pages.

            Current Policy INJDC

                        Attachment 1

            New Policy INJDC

                        Attachment 2


2.  Review current policy IJNDC-R:  Web Site Guidelines and new policy IJNDC-R:  Augusta

     Board of Education Website Guidelines.

            Current Policy IJNDC-R

                        Attachment 3

            New Policy IJNDC-R

                        Attachment 4


3.  Review new policy IJOC:  School Volunteers.


                        Attachment 5 

            New Policy IJOC

                        Attachment 6


4.  Review current policy IKAD:  Parent Conferences.

            Current Policy IKAD

                        Attachment 7


5.  Review current policy IKADA:  Plagiarism Policy and new policy IKADA:  Plagiarism.

            Current Policy IKADA

                        Attachment 8

            New Policy IKADA

                        Attachment 9


6.  Review current policy IKFA:  Special Education Graduation Requirements, new policy IKFA:

     Early Graduation and current policy IKF:  Graduation Requirements.

            Current Policy IKFA

                        Attachment 10

            New Policy IKFA

                        Attachment 11

            Current Policy IKF

                        Attachment 12


7.  Review current policy IKFB:  Graduation Exercise.

            Current Policy IKFB

                        Attachment 13


8.  Review current policy IM:  Evaluation of Instructional Programs and new policy IL: 

     Evaluation of Instructional Programs.

            Current Policy IM

                        Attachment 14

            New Policy IL

                        Attachment 15


9.  Review current policy ING:  Animals in Schools and new policy IMG:  Animals in School.

            Current Policy ING

                        Attachment 16

            New Policy IMG

                        Attachment 17