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Augusta School Department


March 16, 2016

5:30 p.m.


Committee Members Present:  Laura Hamilton, Chair; Tom Connors 

Committee Member Absent:  Jennifer Neumeyer 

Other Board Members Present:  Jennifer Day, Edward Hastings, Kimberly Martin 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Troy Alexander, Stew Brittner, Kathy Casparius, Sue Dionne, Bruce Dostie, Heather Gauthier, James Holland, Jan Rollins, Kim Silsby, Shelby Thibodeau, Paul Vachon, Theresa Violette 

Chairperson Hamilton opened the meeting and invited members of the public to speak on agenda items. Eight people spoke about the discipline imposed when students did not adhere to current board policy.  Athletic Director and coaches spoke in favor of the athletic policy.  Meeting escalated at various points and point of order was requested five different times. 

Motion by Laura Hamilton to table Policy KE:  Public Concerns and Complaints.  Second by Tom Connors, so moved 2-0. 

No action was taken on the remaining agenda items.  Transcript available. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m. 

1.  Review existing policy KE:  Public Concerns and Complaints

            Existing policy KE

                        Attachment 1 

2.  Review existing policy JICH:  Drug, Tobacco Products and Alcohol Use by Students

            Existing policy JICH

                        Attachment 2

3.   Policy JFCI:  Alcohol and Substance Abuse deleted by Board 5/13/15

                        Attachment 3 

4.  Policy JK:  Student Discipline

                         Attachment 4 

5.  Review existing policy ADC-R:  Tobacco Use and Possession Administrative Procedure

            Existing policy ADC-R

                        Attachment 5 

6.  Student Handbook

                        Attachment 6 

7.  School Discipline Survey

                        Attachment 7