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                                                          AUGUSTA SCHOOL DEPARTMENT


Monday, April 3, 2017

6:30 p.m. 


Type of Meeting:    Policy Committee Meeting 

Meeting Location:  Superintendent’s Conference Room 

Members:                Staci Fortunato, Kimberly Martin, Deborah Towle  

1.  Appoint a chair

2.  Review new policy IJOC:  School Volunteers.


                        Attachment 1 

             New Policy IJOC

                        Attachment 2


3.  Review current policy IM:  Evaluation of Instructional Programs and new policy IL: 

     Evaluation of Instructional Programs.

            Current Policy IM

                        Attachment 3

            New Policy IL

                        Attachment 4


4.  Review current policy ING:  Animals in Schools and new policy IMG:  Animals in School.

            Current Policy ING

                        Attachment 5

            New Policy IMG

                        Attachment 6


5.  Review current policy JC:  School Attendance Areas and new policy JC:  School Attendance



                        Attachment 7

            Current policy JC

                        Attachment 8

            New policy JC

                        Attachment 9


6.  Review current policy JECB:  Admission of Non-Resident Students and new policy JFAB: 

     Admission of Non-Resident Students.


                        Attachment 10

            Current policy JECB

                        Attachment 11

            New policy JFAB

                        Attachment 12


7.  Review current policy JECC:  Assignment of Students to Schools.

            Current policy JECC

                        Attachment 13


8.  Review current policy JECD:  Assignment of Students to Classes and new policy JGAA: 

     Assignment of Students to Classes – Five-Year-Olds.


                        Attachment 14

            Current policy JECD

                        Attachment 15

            New policy JGAA

                        Attachment 16


9.  Review new policy JGAB:  Assignment of Students to Classes:  Transfer Students and Home

     Schooling Students.


                        Attachment 17

            New policy JGAB

                        Attachment 18


10. Review current policy JEDB:  Student Dismissal Precautions

            Current policy JEDB

                        Attachment 19


11. Review current policy JEFB:  Release Time for Religious Instruction.

            Current policy JEFB

                        Attachment 20


12. Review current policy JEG:  Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance.

            Current policy JEG

                        Attachment 21


13. Review current policy JEGA:  Program Dismissal Policy for I.E.P. Students.

            Current policy JEGA

                        Attachment 22