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The Augusta Board of Education is developing a multiyear (5 to 10) strategic plan. The intent is to establish objectives and strategies that will guide the Board in its annual work and provide the foundation for the annual operating plan for the Augusta School Department (ASD). The Board is committed to the principle that every student shall have opportunities to maximize their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

The Board seeks to create a plan based upon a shared community vision, developed with multistakeholder input that reflects the mission and vision of the Board (see attached) and the realities of the District’s current and future operational environments.
Through anRFP, The Board seeks an individual or organization to work with the Strategic Planning Workgroup.


The following links will take you to surveys which you may fill out regarding our pending policies.  To view these policies you may click on the attacment.  After you read the policy, we invite you to participate in the survey.

JLCE:  First Aid and Emergency Medical Care
Policy   Survey  

JLCE-R:  First Aid Administrative Procedure
Policy  Survey

EBCE:  School Closings and Cancellations
Policy  Survey

EC:  Buildings and Grounds Management
Policy  Survey

KI:  Visitors to the Schools
Policy  Survey

IJOA:  Field Trips and Other Student Travel
Policy  Survey 

GBI:  Staff Gifts and Solicitations
Policy  Survey

JFAA:  Admission of Resident Students
Policy  Survey 

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The Director of Food Nutrition, Maureen Sanborn, informed the School Board’s Finance Committee on September 14th of the number of student accounts in default.  Over the past few years, our families have incurred an outstanding debt of $16,240. This loss of available funds has a financial impact on our school nutrition program.

The Augusta School Board understands the challenges some of our families face within our community.  We want to help.  It is important for the families to work with the school department to develop a plan that will alleviate their debts. 

One way to do this is to complete the Federal Free and Reduce Application form that is sent home with the children during the month of September.  If parents need assistance to fill these out, please contact Maureen at 626-2460, ext. 1142 and she will take the time to assist.

We respectfully encourage parents to make contact with Maureen as soon as possible.  A reasonable resolution will be considered.  This is about our students and continuing to provide a quality food service program for them.