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Cony HS Vocal Music

Mrs. Beaudoin's Page


CHIZZLE WIZZLE IS COMING!  This year's theme is "CW Saves the Day". All Chorus students are expected to be in the MInstrel Chorus. Rehearsals will be Mondays - Feb. 24, March 3 and March 10. Minstrel Tech is March 13 and Dress rehearsal is March 14. Mark your calendars now.

CW Auditions for featured roles are right after break. End auditions are Friday, Jan 3, with a practice on Jan. 2.   Olio auditions are Saturday, Jan 11 by appointment. Dancing chorus routine is learned on Jan. 9 with the audition on the 10th.   CW audition forms must be filled out for each and are available on the CW bulletin board in the food court or from Ms. Morin or Mrs. Beaudoin.. 

End Audition songs are "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder; "I'll Be There" by MIchael Jackson or Mariah Carey; and 

"Every Little Thing She Does is Magid" by the Police.

We have added two more songs:

"Fly me to the Moon"
end at 1:18 Key of C (first note is C) slower and Higher

"Fly me to the Moon"
sing all -- key of Bb (first note is Bb) faster and lower

"Everything" - Michael Buble
end at 1:15


Contact: Teresa Beaudoin   tbeaudoin@augustaschools.org

Concert dress: women - all black;

men - white button -up shirt, black pants, dark tie & shoes

MADRIGALS meet each Monday evening from 6-8 pm and Wednesdays after school.


CHECK OUT THE MUSIC BOOSTER'S PAGE!!--Go to Cony home page. Next meeting Jan 8 at 6 pm.

then to Parent Group. We need help with hosting the District III HS Honors festival on Jan. 24 & 25! We need volunteers to bring crock pots of food, pizza or sweets on Saturday, Jan. 25th. We have approximaely 300 students to feed!! Yikes! Please email tbeaudoin@augustaschools.org if you can help! 



 Images from 2011-2013

Mads /house of rep 12

Above is the Cony Madrigals '12 with the Augusta Delegation at the House of

Represenatives where they recently sang the National Anthem.

Below is a picture from the Alumni Concert.

Madrigal reunion



Teresa Curley Beaudoin, Cony Choral Director/HS General Music

Email: tbeaudoin@augustaschools.org 


120th MInstrel Show

Courses: Concert Choir, Chorale, American Popular Music, Intro to Theatre, Music Theory

Chorale meets on Red Days and Concert Choir meets on White Days.

Advisor: Madrigals, Class of 2016

  • District Music Supervisor, Augusta Schools.
  • BM Ed Music Education, University of Maine
  • MS Ed - Education, University of New England
  • 26 Years Teaching in the Augusta School System
  • Member of American Choral Directors Association, Maine Music Educators Assoc., Nat'l Association for Music Education,


*** Chorus is 1st pd***

7:25-8:40 am

Bring water!

Ram time is Monday

Week at at Glance

Week of 12/2

Monday -Concert Choir - White

Tuesday-Chorus (RED)

Wednesday-Concert Choir)

Thursday  study hall



Study Hall Assigned on

Days opposite of Chorus

Daily Chorus Calendar Will be posted here

Red White Calendar is set for the year.

Days alternate, snow days count

RED = Chorus

which is first and second

year Chorus students

White = Concert Choir

Primarily third & fourth year

chorus students and those 

in band as well.