7 & 8 Announcements


The middle school awards assembly is November 28, 2017.    You are invited to attend the assembly. 


The Schedule:


8:45-9:15    AM     Grade 7 Team—Mr. Jellen, Ms. Lasselle, Mrs. Albison, Mrs. Turgeon


9:25-9:55    AM     Grade 7 Team   Mr. Paine, Mr. Colburn, Mr. Joyce, Mrs. Moore


10:05-10:35 AM    Grade 8 Team—Mrs. Green, Mr. Michaud, Mrs. Maines, Ms. Monroe


10:40-11:10 AM    Grade 8 Team---Mr. Corey, Mrs. Blaisdell, Mrs. Dawes, Mr.  Maines


Please put the November 28th date on the lighted sign at the end of Pierce Drive.   When you feel the time is appropriate please post to the lighted sign the next middle school dance which is 12/1/2017.  


Spanish Trip Fundraiser
Owl Wooden Sculpture by Dan Burns (Value $140)
Raffle for Guatemala Trip 1 for $1 or 6 for $5
Please see Mrs. Lucas in the front office to purchase tickets.
Drawing December 13th

20171107_141602 - Copy 


Free & Reduced Lunch Application Click Here


Middle School students who want to go on a different bus than the one that they are assigned  MUST get a bus pass from the main office starting Monday, Sept. 25th.  Please review the following procedures with your students. 

The Procedure:

  • Middle School students MUST have a bus pass if they want to ride a different bus than their assigned bus.
  • The Student reports to the main office at the beginning of school with a note from their parent/guardian stating that the student can go on another bus.  The notes from parents/guardians should specify bus numbers.
  • The student provides the parent/guardian note to Mrs. Douglass.
  • Mrs. Douglass accepts the note, files the note, and provides the student with a signed bus pass.
  • The student keeps the bus pass and gives it to the new bus driver upon entering the new bus.
  • Middle School students will not be able to ride a different bus unless they have a bus pass starting on Monday, Sept. 25th

If you have any questions, please contact the main office.

11/22 No School Workshop Day
11/23 No School Holiday
11/24 No School Vacation
11/28 Awards Assembly Quarter 1
11/29 Heritage Tour Meeting 6:00 Chaperones,6:30 Students Library
12/5 Parent Group 7:00 Food Court
12/11 New Unified Art Begins
12/12 Early Release Day
12/12 Holiday Concert
12/22 No School Vacation
12/25 No School Holiday
12/26 No School Vacation
12/27 No School Vacation
12/28 No School Vacation
12/29 No School Vacation
1/1 No School Vacation
1/2 No School Vacation
1/9 Parent Group Meeting 7:00 Food Court
1/10 Heritage Tour Meeting 6:00 Chaperones,6:30 Students Library
1/12 Early Release Day
1/15 No School
1/22 2nd Quarter Ends
1/22 Diversity Day
1/23 3rd Quarter Begins
1/23 New Unified Art Begins
2/6 Award Assembly Quarter 2 Auditorium 8:45-11:10
2/6 Parent Group Meeting 7:00 Food Court
2/7 Heritage Tour Meeting 6:00 Chaperones,6:30 Students Library
2/16 Early Release Day
2/19 No School Vacation
2/20 No School Vacation
2/21 No School Vacation
2/22 No School Vacation
2/23 No School Vacation
3/1 Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7:30 Gym
3/1 New Unified Art Begins
3/2 MS Dance-Little Gym 7:00-9:00
3/6 Parent Group Meeting 7:00 Food Court
3/7 Heritage Tour Meeting 6:00 Chaperones,6:30 Students Library
3/13 Chizzle Wizzle Show
3/14 Chizzle Wizzle Show
3/15 Chizzle Wizzle Show
3/15 Early Release Day
3/16 Chizzle Wizzle Show
3/16 No School Workshop Day
4/3 3rd Quarter Ends
4/3 New Unified Art Begins
4/3 Parent Group Meeting 7:00 Food Court
4/4 4th Quarter Begins
4/10 Heritage Tour Meeting 6:00 Chaperones,6:30 Students Library
4/13 No School Workshop Day
4/16 No School Vacation
4/17 No School Vacation
4/18 No School Vacation
4/19 No School Vacation
4/20 No School Vacation
4/24 Award Assembly Quarter 3 Auditorium 8:45-11:10
5/1 Parent Group Meeting 7:00PM Food Court
5/9 Early Release Day
5/11 New Unified Art Begins
5/28 No School Holiday
6/5 Early Release
6/5 Parent Group Meeting 7:00 Food Court
6/10 Graduation
6/11 4th Quarter Ends