Christina Wing - Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten!!

Miss Wing


Greetings! My name is Christina Wing and I am so excited for this upcoming 2017-18 school year. This will be my fifth year teaching Kindergarten-- time goes by fast when you are having FUN!!

Kindergarten is a time where children shine, and become independent, passionate students. I grew up right here in Augusta, and I am looking forward to making this school year healthy, safe, and fun! 

I graduated cum laude  from the University of Maine Orono in December of 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Disability Studies. I am currently pursuing my master's degree in Ed Leadership. 

I have a 2.5 year old son, Sam. He keeps me extremely busy, and is the apple of my eye! His father Austin is my biggest supporter, and we love spending quality time together as a family. In my free time I enjoy staying healthy, watching movies, gardening, and doing various outdoor activities!

Please feel free to stop in anytime! Our classroom door is ALWAYS open :) 

Contact information: 207- 626-2480 ext. 3539 (usually the best way to reach me)

 "When you're teaching you're going to see people who cut corners, don't work as hard as they should or just complain all the time about everything. I believe that you've got to do what's right, every single day of your life, even if the rest of the crowd isn't. Teaching is about honor and goodness and mercy. It really is. And no one will be watching you most of the time. You either live up to the calling of the profession or you don't, and most likely no one will ever know but you. But it matters because the kids are counting on you." ~Penny Kittle

Special Schedule for school year 2017-18:

Monday- Library (Don't forget your books!!!)
Tuesday- Art
Wednesday- Computers
Thursday- P.E. (Don't forget your sneakers!!)
Friday- Music