Elizabeth Chadwick - Grade 5


Welcome to my web page. I am a native of Augusta. In fact I went to school at the old Farrington as did my father. I am a graduate of Cony High School and the University of Maine. I also have a Master's Degree from the University of Maine. This is my 46th year teaching at Farrington as well as my 46th  year in fifth grade. When I am not in school, I love to read or knit. My favorite place to be is near the ocean. 
Even though I have been teaching for many years, I still love what I do. Every year there are new challenges and new children. There isn't anything better than a smile or a hug from a child that you know you have helped in some large or small way.

The best way to reach me is by e-mail.
  Call me at 626-2480 ext. 3503
Our Weekly Special Schedule is the following:

Monday             Band lessons
                          Art                               10:15
Tuesday            Library                         10:15
Wednesday       RTI                              10:15
Thursday           Music                           10:15
Friday                Phys. Ed.                     10:15
 Homework is not an every day occurance. Students get their spelling words on Monday. They have a practice test on Wednesday with the final test on Friday. It is important that the children read every night for 20minutes. It would also be helpful if they could practice their multiplication facts every night for 5 minutes.



“ A Boy Called Slow”



unable                       react

discover                    reaction

report                       tense

disaster                    tension

unaware                    correct

remind                      correction

televise                     promote

television                  promotion

inpsect                      express

inspection                 expression


Review                      Challenge

unsure                      inquiry

dislike                       unnecessary

repaint                      responsible

disorder                    except

uneven                      exception