Mrs. Robin Wilkinson

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The 2019-2020 school year marks my sixth year as an ESL teacher at Farrington, and my sixteenth year in ESL overall. This year, I work with students in grades 1 through 6, who have an intermediate or advanced level of English proficiency. In past years, I taught beginners as well. I have taught English Language Learners at the middle school level in Augusta and at Cony High School as well. My teaching certifications are in K-12 ESL and 7-12 English and Social Studies.

Originally from Rhode Island, I graduated from Providence College with a B.A. in both History and Secondary Education. Next, I earned a Master's Degree in U.S. History from the University of Notre Dame, and went on to teach social studies at the University of San Diego High School in California. When I moved to Maine, I taught high school English and then took time off (a lot of time!) to stay home with my children. All four of my sons attended Farrington, graduated from Cony, and went on to graduate from college.

I really enjoy working with our English Language Learners. Farrington's population has increased from around 12 students five years ago to more than 50 now. Currently, the home languages of students in our school are Arabic, Tagalog, Marathi, Urdu, Turkmen, Spanish, and Cantonese. The cultural diversity in Augusta is becoming richer all the time, and I am fortunate to meet some wonderful people from all over the world!

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