Breanna Phair, First Grade

Hello! My name is Breanna Phair.  I am a first grade teacher here at Hussey Elementary.  This is my third year teaching first grade.  I graduated from University of West Florida with a Bachelors in Business Administration in 2013.  While completing my degree, I worked as a substitute teacher in elementary schools.  I found that teaching was my passion and I later enrolled in a Masters in Education program at Florida State University.  I graduated from there in 2015.  Growing up, my father was in the military, so I have lived lots of places! My parents returned to Maine after retirement in 2014.  After graduating, I decided to move back to be closer to them! That's when my journey at Hussey began. 

Specials schedule: 
Monday: Physical Education
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Library
Thursday: Computers
Friday: Art