Kendra Lakeman - Dean of Students

My name is Kendra Lakeman, and it is a honor to be working at Sylvio Gilbert Elementary School for a fifth year as the Dean of Students.  This will be my 13th year in education with the Augusta School District.  Previously, I was a kindergarten and second grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School. 

Before teaching, I was in the dental profession.  When my son was 10, we took a family vacation to New York City in August touring the twin towers before the 9-11 attack.  Afterwards, he passionately encouraged me to pursue my dreams of becoming a teacher and Thomas College accepted my application promptly.  To this day, the truth remains, when I walk in to a school I feel as though I'm home!

My husband and I have two wonderful children. My son lives in Boston as a Pharmacology Scientist and my daughter in Portland working with dogs.  My husband and I enjoy traveling, (especially to visit my dad in Mexico), gardening, cooking, relaxing at our family camp and spending time together!  We are animal lovers and have two dogs still at home with us.   I graduated from Thomas College first with a Bachelor's Degree in Education then a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership.  As I step out of the classroom, I hope to make a positive impact on the adults and children around me at Gilbert School. 

Contact Information:     Phone:  626-2491  ext. 3652