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January 10, 2011



5:30 PM


1)      Opening:


2)      Board Member Introductions

a)      Individual members introduce and share about themselves

b)      Why do they serve?


3)      Essential Programs and Services Guidelines:

a)      Origin

b)      Current Status


4)      Discussion of Priorities for the School Department:  Ideas for Improvement

a)      Understanding our community

b)      Creating a School Department from the ground up


5)      School Department Demographics

a)      The constant is “students”- who are we working with? What do they need?

i)        Enrollment Changes/shifts

ii)       Programming/Curriculum Needs and Changes

b)      Technology

c)      Faculty

d)      Facilities Needs/Potential Options for Future

e)      Status of Hussey and Hodgkin’s Capital Improvement Applications

f)        Work at Gilbert Elementary (HVAC): Revolving Renovation Fund

g)      Major Capital Improvements

h)      Where are we now?


6)      Review of School Board goals for 2010-2011:

a)      Brief Progress Report

b)      Necessary Changes for goals


7)      Budget : How we pay?

a)      Budget Development Process (and a review of the current budget 10-11).

b)      Budget Priorities for School Year 2011-2012

c)      Fund Balance:

i)        Impact on the 2011-2012 Budget

ii)       What can we afford to do? What can we not afford to do?