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Meeting Minutes



September 22, 2010

Special Meeting

7:00 P.M.

Lincoln Elementary School

Music Room


The following Board Members were present:


Jane Dennison, Pro-Tem

Board Members:

Members: Nathanael Rende, Nancy Bernier, Susan Campbell,, Deborah Towle, Betty Jo Libby, Willie Emerson


The following Board Members were absent:

Board Members:

William Burney,  


Also present were:


Cornelia L. Brown

Business Manager:

Karla Miller


7:00 PM

Motion to elect a Pro-Tem Chairperson (Jane Dennison):

Move to elect a Pro-Tem Chairperson (Jane Dennison):





Willie Emerson  Second Nate Rende



Motion Passed:  7 to 0


1)      Opening:


2)      Call to Order:   Pro-Tem Chairperson Jane Dennison called the meeting to order


3)      Pledge of Allegiance: The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance


4)      Presentations:


Charlotte Bates:  Attorney Bates from the Maine School Management Association presented a draft of the updated policy manual to the Augusta Board of Education.  During her presentation she noted changes that recommended, including the addition and deletion of policies.  As part of her recommendations, she stated that the Board should establish a Standing Policy Committee.

 Members asked a variety of questions, including when the complete manual could be expected.  Mrs. Bates said she hoped to have it completed within several weeks.


5)      Approval of Minutes:  None


6)      Communications:  None


7)      Resignations and Retirements:

  1. Resignations:
    1. Edward Mathieu – Electrical Instructor at CATC


  1. Debra Sterling – Half time Resource Room teacher at Hussey Elementary


  1. Suzanne Allarie-Dowling  – Augusta School Board member for Ward 4


  1. Retirements: None


8)      Recognitions:  None


9)      Student Council Report:  None


10)  Informational Items:

  1. Professional Day Requests:  None


11)  Consent Items: (All matters listed under this item will be considered routine and will be enacted by

 one motion.  A Board Member may ask to have an item(s) removed and considered individually.)   


A.  Stephen G. Dowling – Electrical Instructor at CATC

Move to accept the nomination of Stephen G. Dowling as Electrical Instructor at CATC.





Sue Campbell  Second:  Nate Rende



Motion PASSED  7 to 0


12)  Unfinished Business:

Review and evaluate goals for 2009-2010: Dr. Brown reviewed with the Board of Education her assessment of progress made in each of the goal areas.  Some of the goals, such as the preparation and submission of an application for Capital Construction to the Maine Department of Education, have been completed.  Additionally, the transition of seventh and eighth grade students to the high school is now complete and the process went well. Their on-going transition, as well as the implementation of a four by four schedule for grades nine through twelve will continuously be monitored.


Discussed at length was Goal number One and the academic gains the School Department made during the 2009-2010 school year.  The Board agreed to continue this work during school year 2010-2011.


13)  New Business:

  1. Set new goals for school year 2010-2011:  The School Board discussed different areas they would like to see as goals, including creating a Policy Committee and reviewing policies, continuing the emphasis on student achievement and focusing on the Response to Intervention process.  The Board asked Dr. Brown to prepare a draft of goals for the October 13, 2010 meeting.


14)  Adjourn:
A.  Motion to Adjourn:

Motion to Adjourn







Sue Campbell  Second:  Deborah Towle



Motion PASSED  7 to 0

8:20 P.M.


Next Meeting of the

Augusta Board of Education

7:00 p.m., October 13, 2010

Cony Auditorium