Monday, May 1, 2017
7:00 p.m.

Type of Meeting:    Policy Committee Meeting

Meeting Location:  Superintendent’s Conference Room

Members:                Chair-Staci Fortunato; Members-Kimberly Martin, Deborah Towle  

1.  Review new policy IJOC:  School Volunteers.
            New policy IJOC

2.  Review existing policy JECC:  Assignment of Students to Schools.
            Existing policy JECC

3.  Review existing policy JECD:  Assignment of Students to Classes and new policy JGAA:Assignment of Students to Classes – Five-Year-Olds.
            Existing policy JECD
            New policy JGAA

4.  Review new policy JGAB:  Assignment of Students to Classes:  Transfer Students and Home Schooling Students.
            New policy JGAB

5. Review existing policy JEDB: Student Dismissal Precautions 

6. Review existing policy JEFB: Release Time for Religious Instruction.

7. Review existing policy JEG: Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance.

8. Review existing policy JEGA: Program Dismissal Policy for I.E.P. Students

9.  Review new policy JI:  Student Rights and Responsibilities.
            New policy JI

10. Review existing policy JICA:  Student Dress and new policy JICA:  Student Dress.
            Existing policy JICA

            New policy JICA

11. Review new policy JICC:  Student Conduct on School Buses.
            New policy JICC

12. Review existing policy JICJ:  Student Cell Phone/Pager Use and new policy JICJ: Student Use
of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices.
            Existing policy JICJ
            New policy JICJ

13. Review existing policy JFD:  Students of Legal Age and new policy JID:  Students of Legal Age.
            Existing policy JFD
            New policy JID

14. Review existing policy JIH:  Questioning and Searches of Students, existing policy JIH-R: Questioning and Searches of Students Administrative Procedure and new policy JIH: Questioning and Searches of Students, new policy JIH-R:  Questioning and Searches of Students Administrative Procedure and new policy JIH-E:  Student Search Checklist.
            Existing policy JIH
            Existing policy JIH-R
            New policy JIH
            New policy JIH-R
            New policy JIH-E