Monday, December 5, 2016
7:30 p.m.

Type of Meeting:    Policy Committee Meeting 

Meeting Location:  Superintendent’s Conference Room 

Members:              Tom Connors, Jennifer Neumeyer           

1. Review new policy JJA: Student Organizations
            Existing policy IGDA: Student Organizations
            Existing policy IGDAA: Request for Co-Curricular Activity

2.  Review new policy JJIB: Sponsorship and Evaluation of Athletic Programs          

3.  Review new policy JICE: Student Publications
            Existing policy IGDB: Student Publications

4.  Review existing policy IGDG: Student Activities Funds Management
            Existing policy DFF: Student Activities Funds

5.  Review existing policy IGAE: Health Education

6.  Review policy IGBA-1: Section 504 Policy Statement

7.  Review existing policies JICK:  Bullying; JICK-E1: Augusta School Department Bullying Report

     Form; JICK-E2: Augusta School Department Bullying Investigation Form; and JICK-E3:

     Documentation of Disciplinary and Remedial Actions Taken; JICK-R:  Bullying - Administrative Procedure

            Policy JICK
            Policy JICK-E1
            Policy JICK-E2
            Policy JICK-E3
            Policy JICK-R