Monday, April 2, 2018

7:30 p.m. 


Type of Meeting:    Policy Committee Meeting 

Meeting Location:  Superintendent’s Conference Room 

Members:                Chair: Staci Fortunato; Christopher Clarke, Pia Holmes           


1.  Review policy EFDA:  Unpaid Meal Charges.

            Attachment 1 

2.  Review existing policy EFC:  Free and Reduced Price Food Services

            Existing policy EFC

                        Attachment 2  

3.  Review new policy DJH: Purchasing and Contracting:  Procurement Staff Code of Conduct.

            New Policy DJH

                        Attachment 3

            Existing Policy DJH

                        Attachment 4 

4.  Review new policy JLF:  Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect.

            New Policy JLF

                        Attachment 5

            New Policy JLF-E

                        Attachment 6

            New Policy JLF-R

                        Attachment 7

            Existing Policy JLF

                        Attachment 8

            Existing Policy JLF-E

                        Attachment 9

            Existing Policy JLF-R

                        Attachment 10  

5.  Review existing policy ACAD:  Hazing and existing policy JICFA:  Student Hazing.

            Existing Policy ACAD

                        Attachment 11

            Existing Policy JICFA

                        Attachment 12 

6.  Review new policy JLIB:  Student Dismissal Precautions.


                        Attachment 13

            New Policy JLIB

                        Attachment 14 

7.  Review new policy JLIE:  Student Automobile Use and Parking.


                        Attachment 15

            New Policy JLIE

                        Attachment 16

            Existing Policy JHFD

                        Attachment 17 

8.  Review new policy JO:  Employment of Students


                        Attachment 18

            New Policy JO

                        Attachment 19  

9.  Discussion of religious observances

            Federal holidays in the United States

                        Attachment 20

            Maine State Government Holidays

                        Attachment 21

            Public Holidays in Maine

                        Attachment 22

            Lewiston Public Schools policy IMDC – Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs

                        Attachment 23

            Augusta School Department policy JEA:  Compulsory Attendance

                        Attachment 24