Monday, November 4, 2019
6:30 p.m. 

Type of Meeting:    Policy Committee Meeting 

Meeting Location:  Superintendent’s Conference Room 

Members:                Staci Fortunato-Chair; Pia Holmes, Kati McCormick


1.  Review existing policy GCBDD:  Professional Staff Leave for Bereavement.

                       Existing policy GCBDD

                             Attachment 1

                       Contract language – Bereavement Leave

                              Attachment 2


2.  Review existing policy GCBDF:  Professional Staff Military Leave.

                       Existing policy GCBDF

                              Attachment 3

                        Contract language – Military Leave

                              Attachment 4


3.  Review existing policy GCN-1/AFC-1:  Evaluation of Professional Staff – Teachers.

                       Existing policy GCN-1/AFC-1

                              Attachment 5 
                        Existing policy GCOA
                              Attachment 6


4.  Review existing policy GCN-2/AFC-2:  Evaluation of Professional Staff – Administrators.

                       Existing policy GCN-2/AFC-2

                            Attachment 7 
                       Existing policy GCOC
                             Attachment 8


5.  Review existing policy GCPB/GDPB:  Resignation of School Unit Employees.

                      Existing policy GCPB/GDPB

                           Attachment 9


6.  Review existing policy GDA:  Support Staff Positions (Job Descriptions).

                       Existing policy GDA

                            Attachment 10


7.  Review existing policy GDB:  Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans.

                       Existing policy GDB

                            Attachment 11


8.  Review existing policy GDBA:  Support Staff Salary Schedules.

                       Existing policy GDBA

                            Attachment 12


9.  Review existing policy GDBB:  Support Staff Supplementary Plans

                      Existing policy GDBB

                           Attachment 13


10. Review existing policy GDBC:  Support Staff Fringe Benefits.

                       Existing policy GDBC

                            Attachment 14


11. Review existing policy GDBD:  Support Staff Leaves and Absences.

                       Existing policy GDBD

                            Attachment 15


12. Review existing policy ACAD:  Hazing and new policy ACAD:  Hazing.

                       Existing policy ACAD

                             Attachment 16

                       New policy ACAD

                             Attachment 17