Augusta School Department
May 7, 2018
7:30 p.m. 

Committee Members Present:  Chair-Staci Fortunato; Christopher Clarke, Pia Holmes 

Other Board Members Present:  Jason Bersani, Tom Connors, Edward Hastings, Kati McCormick 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Sue Dionne, Teresa Beaudoin, Kim Silsby, Theresa Violette 

Others Present:  Rabbi Erica Asch, Kevin Lamoreau, Mary Mohammed


1.  Discussion of religious observances

            Federal holidays in the United States

                        Attachment 1

            Maine State Government Holidays

                        Attachment 2

            Public Holidays in Maine

                        Attachment 3

            Lewiston Public Schools policy IMDC – Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs

                        Attachment 4

            Augusta School Department policy JEA:  Compulsory Attendance

                        Attachment 5 

Mary Mohammed distributed a proposed multicultural and religious accommodations policy.  A lengthy discussion followed and there was no consensus.  This item will be discussed again at the August meeting.  

Motion by Christopher Clarke to table items 2 through 7, second by Pia Holmes, so moved 3-0. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


2.  Review new policy DJH: Purchasing and Contracting:  Procurement Staff Code of Conduct.

            New Policy DJH

                        Attachment 6

            Existing Policy DJH

                        Attachment 7


3.  Review new policy JLF:  Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect.

            New Policy JLF

                        Attachment 8

            New Policy JLF-E

                        Attachment 9

            New Policy JLF-R

                        Attachment 10

            Existing Policy JLF

                        Attachment 11

            Existing Policy JLF-E

                        Attachment 12

            Existing Policy JLF-R

                        Attachment 13


4.  Review existing policy ACAD:  Hazing and existing policy JICFA:  Student Hazing.

            Existing Policy ACAD

                        Attachment 14

            Existing Policy JICFA

                        Attachment 15


5.  Review new policy JLIB:  Student Dismissal Precautions.


                        Attachment 16

             New Policy JLIB

                        Attachment 17


6.  Review new policy JLIE:  Student Automobile Use and Parking.


                        Attachment 18

            New Policy JLIE

                        Attachment 19

            Existing Policy JHFD

                        Attachment 20


7.  Review new policy JO:  Employment of Students


                        Attachment 21

            New Policy JO

                        Attachment 22