Augusta School Department
January 11, 2021
6:30 p.m.
Via Zoom 

Committee Members Present:  Staci Fortunato-Chair, Kimberly Martin; Kati McCormick 

Other Board Members Present:  Jennifer Dumond, Pia Holmes, Kevin Lamoreau, Amanda Olson, Martha Witham 

Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Katy Grondin, Troy Alexander, Teresa Beaudoin, Stewart Brittner, Kathy Casparius, Sarah Landry, Kim Silsby, Theresa Violette, Susan Walters 


Motion by Kimberly Martin to nominate Staci Fortunato as chair of the Policy Committee, second by Kati McCormick, so moved 3-0. 

            1.  Review revised policy GDPC:  Retirement Benefits for Central Office Staff.

                      Attachment 1 

The committee discussed this policy and had further questions regarding retirement coverage.  Ms. Grondin will research and bring the policy back to the next committee meeting. 

            2.  Review Drummond Woodsum Affirmative Action Plan memo and sample policy template.

     The assistant superintendent will note possible revisions to the current policy based on the

     Drummond Woodsum information.

          Attachment 2 

Ms. Grondin went over the changes she made to the Affirmative Action policy based on the Drummond Woodsum template. The goals not related to human resources or hiring practices were deleted.  She will get advice from legal counsel around questions the committee had on protected classes and discrimination.  She will edit the policy and bring it back to the next committee meeting for further review. 

            3.  Review revised policy ADAA:  School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical and

                 Responsible Behavior and cross reference policies JIC:  Student Code of Conduct and JKD:

                 Suspension of Students.

                      Revised policy ADAA

                           Attachment 3

                      Existing policy JIC

                           Attachment 4

                      MSMA’s sample policy JIC

                           Attachment 5

                      Existing policy JKD

                           Attachment 6

                      MSMA’s sample policy JKD

                           Attachment 7

Ms. Grondin explained that when the committee reviewed/approved policy ADAA at the last meeting it lead to reviewing the policies connected to ADAA.  She reviewed with the committee the recommended changes to the policies using MSMA sample policies.  In-school suspensions will be added to policy JKD and policies JKD and JIC will be shared with administrators to make sure we have the correct language around in-school suspension. 

           4.  Review revised policy ADC: Tobacco-Free Schools:  Use and Possession of Tobacco and

                Electronic Smoking Devices and cross referenced policies JICA:  Student Dress, JL:  Student

                Wellness, KF: Community Use of School Facilities and KHB: Advertising in Schools.

                      Revised policy ADC

                            Attachment 8

                      Existing policy JICA

                            Attachment 9

                      MSMA’s sample policy JICA

                            Attachment 10

                      Existing policy JL

                             Attachment 11

                      MSMA’s sample policy JL

                             Attachment 12

                      Existing policy KF

                             Attachment 13

                      MSMA’s sample policy KF

                             Attachment 14

                      Existing policy KHB

                              Attachment 15

                      MSMA’s sample policy KHB

                              Attachment 16 

The policies connected to policy ADC were all reviewed recently.  Ms. Grondin went over the suggested changes.  She does not recommend any changes to policy JL: Student Wellness.  It will be reviewed again in 2022. No recommended changes for policy KF: Community Use of School Facilities.  Ms. Fortunato would like policy KHD referenced in policy KHB. 

           5.   Review existing policy BB: School Board Legal Status and MSMA’s sample policy BB:

                 School Board Legal Status.

                      Existing policy BB

                             Attachment 17

                      MSMA’s sample policy BB

                             Attachment 18 

Ms. Grondin reviewed the City Charter and updated policy BB. 

          6.  Review existing policy BDB:  Board Officers.

                      Existing policy BDB

                             Attachment 19 

No changes are recommended to policy BDB.  Committee members would like all the above policies to be “cleaned up” and brought back to the next committee meeting. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:28 p.m.