Monday, January 11, 2021

6:30 p.m.

Meeting ID: 960 8174 5471
Passcode: 272060


 Type of Meeting:    Policy Committee Meeting 

Meeting Location:  Via Zoom 

Members:                Staci Fortunato, Kimberly Martin, Kati McCormick 

The assistant superintendent has prepared the following policies for review.  Please refer to the attached summary sheet for changes

     Summary Sheet

           Attachment 1


            1.  Review revised policy GDPC:  Retirement Benefits for Central Office Staff.

                       Attachment 2


            2.  Review Drummond Woodsum Affirmative Action Plan memo and sample policy template.

     The assistant superintendent will note possible revisions to the current policy based on the

     Drummond Woodsum information.

           Attachment 3


            3.  Review revised policy ADAA:  School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical and

                 Responsible Behavior and cross reference policies JIC:  Student Code of Conduct and JKD:

                 Suspension of Students.

                      Revised policy ADAA

                           Attachment 4

                      Existing policy JIC

                           Attachment 5

                      MSMA’s sample policy JIC

                           Attachment 6

                      Existing policy JKD

                           Attachment 7

                      MSMA’s sample policy JKD

                           Attachment 8


           4.  Review revised policy ADC: Tobacco-Free Schools:  Use and Possession of Tobacco and

                Electronic Smoking Devices and cross referenced policies JICA:  Student Dress, JL:  Student

                Wellness, KF: Community Use of School Facilities and KHB: Advertising in Schools.

                      Revised policy ADC

                            Attachment 9

                      Existing policy JICA

                            Attachment 10

                      MSMA’s sample policy JICA

                            Attachment 11

                      Existing policy JL

                             Attachment 12

                        MSMA’s sample policy JL

                             Attachment 13

                         Existing policy KF

                             Attachment 14

                         MSMA’s sample policy KF

                             Attachment 15

                         Existing policy KHB

                              Attachment 16

                         MSMA’s sample policy KHB

                              Attachment 17


           5.   Review existing policy BB: School Board Legal Status and MSMA’s sample policy BB:

                 School Board Legal Status.

                       Existing policy BB

                             Attachment 18

                      MSMA’s sample policy BB

                             Attachment 19


          6.  Review existing policy BDB:  Board Officers.

                    Existing policy BDB

                             Attachment 20