Augusta School Department


November 2, 2020

5:30 p.m.

CATC Cafeteria


Committee Members Present:  Staci Fortunato-Chair; Amanda Olson


Committee Member Absent:  Kati McCormick


Other Board Members Present:  Jennifer Dumond, Edward Hastings, Pia Holmes, Kevin Lamoreau, Jan Michaud


Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Katy Grondin, Troy Alexander, Theresa Violette



1.  Review policy GBEBB:  Staff Conduct with Students

            Attachment 1


In reviewing some policies from other districts adjustments were made to MSMA’s sample

policy GBEBB.  The committee discussed the changes and the AEA’s concerns with Items C and H and made a revision to Item C.


Motion by Amanda Olson to move revised policy GBEBB to the board for a first reading, second by Staci Fortunato, so moved 2-0.


2.  Review existing policy GDPC:  Retirement Benefits for Central Office Staff.

                       Attachment 2


Mr. Anastasio said the intent of this policy is to provide similar benefits to employees that are not covered by a contract as employees who are covered by a contract.  The policy will require changes to align with the recent changes in the contract and changes in unpaid leave law.  Additional research is needed before moving forward with recommended changes. Motion by Staci Fortunato to table policy GDPC, second by Amanda Olson, so moved 2-0.


3.  Review policy BDDB:  Agenda Format.

          Attachment 3


The committee discussed policy BDDB and changed the order of items so everything pertaining to communications is together. The link to policy BEDH: Public Participation at Board Meetings will be added to the Board agenda under “Public Comment on Non-personnel Agenda Items”.  Motion by Staci Fortunato to move revised policy BDDB to the board for a first reading, second by Amanda Olson, so moved 2-0.


4.  Review Drummond Woodsum Affirmative Action Plan memo and sample policy template.

     The Assistant Superintendent will note possible revisions to the current policy based on the

     Drummond Woodsum information.

                      Affirmative Action Plan memo

                           Attachment 4

                      Affirmative Action Plan sample policy template

                           Attachment 5


Attached are the Affirmative Action Plan memo and sample policy template from Drummond Woodsum.  Ms. Grondin will take our outdated Affirmative Action policy and update it from the sample policy template to make sure all sections are updated.  She said the website was updated to include the training.  She will work on the demographic data to include in the policy.  It will be brought back to the next Policy Committee meeting. 


Item 5 to be discussed at the next Policy Committee meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.                      


            5.  Clarification on “communication” policies