Board Goals

  • Augusta School Board Goals 2018-2019   

  • I.         Develop 5 year plan

  •            A. Establish communication protocols

               C. Develop a reference for committee/board presentations

               D. Develop living documents

               E. Explore how to increase STEM +A

               F. Organizational structure

                        1. Identify areas for staffing

               G. Suspensions – While the board recognizes that they do not have a

               direct impact on the use of suspension as a disciplinary measure, they

               wish to express their desire to see alternative discipline measures

               explored. The ultimate goal being to keep the student engaged in the

               learning process.

    II.        Budget Process

    A. Financial reporting Explore reports to improve understanding and promote better informed discussion.

    B. Promote the active exploration and utilization of additional

    revenue streams

        1. Increase the utilization of Mainecare

        2. Additional grant applications

    C. Continue discussions concerning the Budget development


    Augusta School Board Goals 2018-2019

    III.       Communication

    A. Within the School Board

            1. Develop a Board centered calendar

            2. Establish protocols for the use of Google

            3. Increase the use of technology at board meetings

            4. Committee level planning

    B. With the public

            1. Review the website

            2. Facebook, Instagram etc.

    C. With Administration

            1. Establish clear expectations of Data Analysis and reporting procedures.

    D. With Staff

            1. Board Awards

    E. With other government organizations

            1. Increase the discussion of State legislation

            2. Increase communication with legislators

            3. Increase discussion with City Council

    IV.       Committees

          A. Curriculum

               1. CIS 101

               2. Clarify the curriculum selection process

               3. Identify potential changes to existing curriculum

               4. Continue discussions around curriculum mapping

               5. Promote the Dual enrollment opportunities for our students