Bus Routes

Listed below are the bus routes for Cony AM and PM runs. Please know that First Student must follow the DOE and CDC guidelines for COVID-19. 

Please know the following information.
-First student determined routes based on student addresses on file.
-Students must only ride the bus that they are assigned.
-Students are not going to be able to change buses or ride to a friend's house 
-If you have any questions, please email Tracy.Brown-Gysi@firstgroup.com
-First Student can only bring 23 students to Buker per day.  There will be a sign up sheet outside the main office each day  It will be a first-come, first served list.  Contact the Augusta Boys and Girls Club for more information about how to get your student to Buker.
-First Student will not be able to bring extra students to the YMCA or Adult Education this year.
-All students will have to wear a mask on the bus and sit in the designated area.

Cony AM Bus Routes
Cony PM Bus Routes