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Cony,  a grade 7 through 12 school, is located in the heart of Augusta, Maine.  The current enrollment for Cony High School is approximately 701 students. Cony Middle School has approximately 310 students.  Students attend from the surrounding communities of Chelsea, China, Jefferson, Palermo, Somerville, Vassalboro, Whitefield, and Windsor. Cony was awarded the Bellamy Award in 1960.

Welcome to school year 2020-21! 
The Augusta Fire Department and the Augusta School Department are partnering to host a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic for students age 12 and up.  This is for Cony students as well as Augusta School Department students in the elementary schools who are 12.  The clinic is May 20 and May 21 from 9:00-3:00.  Parents must fill out a consent form.  Students will be receiving the Pfizer vaccination.  Click here for more information about the Pfizer vaccine.  Cony students will be called down to receive the shot with a completed consent form.  Elementary students will need to be transported by their parent/guardian and schedule a time with our Health Suite.   Call our Health Suite for more information at 626-2460.  

See our letter about COVID-19 case at Cony 5-11-21
See our letter about COVID-19 cases at Cony 4/13/21
See our letter about COVID-19 cases at Cony 4/12/21
See our letter about COVID-19 cases at Cony 4/9/21
See our letter about a COVID-19 case at Cony 4/8/21
See our letter about a COVID-19 case at Cony 4/6/21
See our letter about a COVID-19 case at Cony 3/22/21
See our letter about a COVID-19 at Cony 3/20/21
See our letter about a COVID-19 at Cony 3.15.21
See our letter about a COVID-19 at Cony 3/10/21
See our letter about a COVID-19 at Cony 3/7/21
See our letter about a COVID-19 case at Cony 2/24/21.
See the Supt's Travel Letter.

Some important dates and information:

  • Please see information letter and remote instructions for upcoming testing for NWEA and New Meridian Science Assessment
  • Independent Remote Learning (IRL) days happen two days a week.  Here is more information about the days.
  • School Skills Help: Please see the videos and handouts to help students be successful.
  • Here are the AM and PM Bus Routes for Cony.
  • Wednesdays are RAM Days.  Here is the schedule.
  • The Augusta School Department is following a Hybrid schedule.  Families requested to be either Hybrid or Remote for their learning.  If students or families did not designate a preference, we assigned them to in person learning as Cohort A or Cohort B.  Here are some graphics to demonstrate the structure of these cohorts.
  • Students and Parents/Guardians will need to read and sign an agreement about protocols for school during COVID-19.  We mailed the COVID-19 Parent and Student guide to families on August 28th.
  • We hosted a Virtual Open House for 7th graders (slideshow here) and their families on Tuesday, Sept. 1st and for 9th graders and their families on Thursday, Sept. 3rd (slide show here). 
  • Please review the videos and information about the start of the school year.
  • Please stay up to day with the district's COVID-19 information.
  • Please view the video that we made for our 7th graders when they were in 6th grade.7th Grade Welcome Video
  • Specific Questions related to attendance for COVID-19: Attendance
  • Here are the Items to bring to school each day
  • Please follow the expectations for Remote/Virtual Meetings called "Netiquette"
  • Please see the parent link to understanding Google Classroom
  • Please click on this link to get the historical (last Spring's info) CO-VID 19 information about Cony Middle and High School.
  • We are also on Facebook"Like" our page to keep informed about our school (Cony MSHS)  We are also on instagram (conymshsrams).
  • Here is some information about Proficiency Based Education including information about Habits of Work and Standards
  • For more information for Cohort C, please see this link.
  • Here is the link for daily virtual academic support available to all students. 

60 Pierce Drive
Augusta, ME  04330 
Phone: 207-626-2460
District Central Office
Phone (207) 626-2468
Fax     (207) 626-2444