Chizzle Wizzle News

                               "Sign of the Times"

   This year has been tough for all and unfortunately we won't be having our usual annual show; however, we would still like to honor the tradition of Chizzle Wizzle. 

Therefore there will be a Limited Edition Showcase where we will feature musical acts (from students that submitted acts and still wanted to perform).  We will be recording these acts the beginning of May and then will air them on the local Channel 7, possibly streaming and there will be flash drives of the recording that can be ordered through Digital Spirit Media - associated with CTV-7 at City Hall.


We would also like to begin efforts to put together a "Best of CW" recording that will be for sale at next year and future shows.  In order to do that, we need suggestions of acts/performances that the community remembers as their favorites.  We have access to recordings from 2006-present; so anything from 1990 - 2005 we would need to borrow your copy of the show to pull from in the editing room!  Please email Producer Lindsey Morin at with ideas or to coordinate lending your old tapes!