Sara Fenwick - Clinical School Counselor


My name is Sara Fenwick and I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  I work with students in the district on social emotional learning. This could look like building skills to better understand how their bodies and minds are interconnected, gaining strategies for when you are feeling overwhelmed, increasing coping skills such as mindfulness, deep breathing, and knowing when and how to use these skills.  Students tend to be more reactive when feeling overwhelmed and use maladaptive behaviors as a go to instead of positive behavior strategies and the younger we teach them how to tap into their own skill sets and innate skills the more resilient and self-sufficient in these areas they will be.  I am a true believer in children being incredibly amazing beings and love to watch them grow and surprise us!  Families are the most important part of any of the work we do with students and will always be encouraged to be a part of this so the more connection we can have with parents the better.  Please reach out with concerns, questions, and suggestions.  

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